8ac4c6ac07e775ee92e7b6e1cd902fef     With each new day comes the CHANCE to do, make, fix, choose, try, find, love, show the world and anything else you choose to do! Think on new chances for YOU this new year! 

DO…I choose to DO something FUN everyday, at least once…sometimes it involves a new garden project, sometimes a closet that needs cleaning [how did that get there], searching and researching for my blog and a new book I am thinking about writing. Do people still buy books?? Rhetorical! Of course I do, I LOVE the feel of a book and being able to write notes on pages and look at great photos in cookbooks and just enjoy knowing that the bookstack of beautiful covers, words, pictures, thoughts, ideas and so much more are sitting and waiting for me by my chair…for anytime!

MAKE…This week while the temps hover in single digits here, I’ve chosen to be inside for a few hours and work on a favorite project: sharing our family history in pictures for daughters and grandchildren…

Using black and white copies of old photos, I glue them to manilla shipping tags and suggest hanging on the Christmas tree each year as a reminder of family past as well as all those still with us. On the back of each tag I write who is in the picture and as much information about the date and where taken and how related in family. I usually decorate the tags with lace or ribbons and sometime buttons and such…IMG_0210

This collection of tags and special photos now fill a small box and as I continue making more I truly hope that they will be saved and cherished for many years to come.

Tonight I will FIX a frittata for dinner…hens have slowed down production, but a few of my 16 girls usually lay 6-8 eggs that I find amidst the piles of warm straw in the nest boxes. Keeping fresh water for the girls is an ongoing process as the water bowls freeze within an hour after filling!!


This photo is from a woman who writes a blog…FRESH EGGS DAILY… about chickens and farm life which is quite a hoot to read!

This afternoon using my fabulous new stand mixer that my daughter, Cindy, gave me for Christmas I’m also going to MAKE spelt bread.


Much too quickly so go ahead…take a chance and try something new!!


For now, From Holly and Me…we wish you great happiness for the new year and always!

alone holly




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