img_3991The soothing weather of fall lures us outdoors…the turning of leaves marks the seasonal shift! Nature dazzles us with foliage, fruit, produce and cool days. Morning light casts a golden glow through the leaves…


A perfect spot for morning coffee…

The crunch of leaves beneath my feet…cool, crisp weather finally sets in…

Classic appeal for your entry…


Welcome the abundance of autumn…brilliant foliage, charming pumpkins, mums and gourds, the quintessential symbols of the season. Rich colors and soothing scents of spicy fall pies, robust soups and stews, and seasonal fruits.


Dress the patio or porch for autumn…and place baskets of fall foliage and flowers on the doors to welcome home family and friends.


Pumpkins gourds and winter squash…Nature’s seasonal message! Arrange a colorful display along with rosemary and decorative cabbages as a rustic reminder on the walkway or stone path.

Use fall foliage, seasonal fruits and vegetables and herbs for a striking centerpiece for the table…Colorful gourds and just picked pears in a copper bowl make a charming centerpiece for the autumn table…


The rich seasonal shades and scents of autumn are short-lived…so I encourage you to enjoy while you can. Close your eyes now, imagine…indulge your senses! Cinnamon sticks in a mug of steaming mulled wine, grated nutmeg on mashed butternut squash, the tangy zest of a just peeled clementine, grapes-jewels of the vine-bursting with sweetness, the freshness of pine branches in a basket by the fireplace. These wonderful tastes and aromas make the very best ingredients for autumn to winter indulgence.


As daylight hours dwindle, I look forward to a cozy evening outdoors by the chiminea…or fire pit for some. Flashes of copper capture the brilliance autumn as it gradually gilds the trees…

Juicy thoughts of fall...
Juicy thoughts of fall…

Apples…crunchy , juicy, divine eaten raw or made into applesauce and pies.

Cooking with autumn flavors offers a wealth of alluring aromas…roasted squash with root vegetables, warming potato soup, country ham with apples and walnuts, figs and goat cheese, pears poached in red wine, pumpkin pie and so much more.


A new favorite fall flavor…fig and balsamic jam with a soft French cheese, red wine and a good fresh baguette. I’ve made several jars of fig jam already, very simple to do…here’s the recipe from Thomas Keller. Combine 5 lbs chopped ripe figs, 1 1/4 C. balsamic vinegar, 2 C. sugar 1 Tblsp black peppercorns in muslin sachet bag…place in large saucepan…I used my French copper pan. Bring to a simmer over medium high heat, then lower heat to maintain a gentle simmer and cook, stirring often. When jam reaches a temp of 215-220 F, remove from heat. Take out sachet and stir in some fresh squeezed lemon juice. Spoon the jam into sterilized jars and let cool to room temperature, then place covers on jars. Please refrigerate…will keep for 6 weeks or so.

This superb wine…Ampere, from Pine Mountain Vineyards, is a Cabernet Sauvignon and is wonderful with the fig jam and cheese as well as many other autumn flavors. Very special vintage…sold online.


Time to get our ducks in a row…the garden calls. More garden notes soon…


Enjoy the glorious days and season of harvest…


Holly loves to roll in the leaves…




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