At this time of year the whole countryside seems to be bursting with color, fragrance and promise…promise in the knowledge that once again we are inspired by nature and the renewal of life…that is the gift of spring. It is easy to spend an entire day wandering from spot to spot, down the path and into the main garden finding a blissful hideaway to sit and enjoy…for just a few moments. Something has drawn my attention and like the butterfly flitting among the blooms, I must grab my gloves and move ahead.IMG_2640

Create a relaxing, charming place to sit, gather my thoughts, refocus and at my age, rest my back for just a moment. Bending and stooping over is not difficult, just tiring…in fact, I can still bend over, knees straight, and put my palms flat on the ground!! Love the chimney cap storage and forget-me-nots along the path.


Growing along the fence…Coral Honeysuckle blooms attract the hummingbirds arriving home after spending the winter in Florida and points further south and west!

photo 2(2)

Fragrant viburnum entices the beneficial insects awakening from their winter naps...


On May 1st or May Day, bouquets of Muguet, or Lily of the Valley, are sold all over France in celebration of a day to be happy and free to have fun and do what pleases you! What a great idea…So today, I choose to write about what pleases me and then go out to play in my garden!!


Look out for bumblebees…On warm spring days, you often spot the winged foragers busily buzzing about the early blooms searching for pollen and nectar. Bee-friendly gardening practices are critical! No harsh synthetic chemical sprays, PLEASE. These little insects are excellent, essential pollinators…so “make a beeline” to your organic products only.  Ever wonder where that phrase came from?? Country lore has it that bees are so efficient and dedicated to their work that after “busily” gathering their pollen from bloom to bloom to bloom, pollinating all the while, they would always fly in a straight line back to their hive, eager to deliver their gathered nectar. VOILA!

With the past few days of constant overcast, mist and rain, I make the most of the April showers by donning my “bee” wellies and enjoying a walk down the lane with Holly, splashing through all the puddles!! Just waiting for all the May flowers the rain will bring.










A balance of rustic and refined…a cedar trellis laden with climbing rose, New Dawn and clematis jackmani, perfume a corner by the chicken house…a favorite combination. Packed with plants and design ideas, my garden proves that lack of space in direct sunlight need never limit the imagination! Sticks and sturdy twigs supports for sweet peas or vines…A stone urn FullSizeRender(34)used for a water feature offer contrasting textures and shapes!                                                    clematis & rose





Today is the Best a child, I remember many spring mornings spent sitting with my grandmother on the front porch swing watching the hummingbirds and butterflies! Truly not a care in the world, just that wonderful moment…until Grandmother said…”Time to gather the eggs, check on the cows and do the milking, work the garden a bit, hang out some clothes on the line and maybe later, walk down the path to the berry patch to see if the blooms have turned yet.” After all that…I would look up to her and say…TODAY IS THE BEST DAY! Her blue eyes twinkling, she would smile and say…”Yes, it is a great day!”

Thinking back, I often ask myself what we had done that day and the many others like it…well, nothing really special or outstanding in the world’s scheme of things to be done…it was just a simple day spent together, one where we talked, went walking, chased the rooster out of the chicken pen, made some butter and cream, baked biscuits, made a coconut cake and then sat on the squeaky porch swing, together!

We should live thinking everyday is a good day…what you do today is important as you are exchanging a day of your life for it…

A Few Random Thoughts…you have control over your garden, it never looks the same year after year…change is constant! Your starting point when planning & planting your garden is always the spirit of the place…and don’t look for perfection! We’re not perfect, why should our plants be?

Saturday, May 21st is “National Porching Day” and a full moon is in the forecast!enjoy an evening spent outside watching the moon and stars.

La Vie quotidienne..everyday life…When you come home, step through the front door…and love what you see…then you are truly HOME!

        From Holly and me…Happy Spring! BC


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