Pssst…honk if you love it when a great…or so you think… idea pops into your head! Of course it happens to me all the time. 🙂 And then, in a flash, it’s gone…unless I write it down. So many ideas and ‘flashes of brilliance’ happen while out walking or driving so I’ve taken to carrying a small notebook and pen to jot down some words of reminder…’course, when trying to make sense of my notes I realize my superb phrasing, or so I thought, was gone. Not to mention the hazzards of trying to write while driving!! What to do? What everyone with a “Smartphone” does…look for an APP…and there it was. I downloaded the app ‘AudioMemos’ and am ecstatic with this new “plaything”.

New Year, New Story…no resolutions!! Not ready to just sit by the fire with the seed catalogs just yet. I must keep on being…helpful, happy, less hefty…and, continue to eat healthy and with my new fitbit follow-thru with my pledge to walk an average of 7,600 plus steps a day! For the last few years…since both hip replacements made it so much easier and painfree…I had been walking at least a mile or two everyday but now I have a new way to track… AND, make sure Holly gets plenty of exercise, too! I use the App…Walk for a Dog, too!

Color in the Winter Landscape…Okay, well choose your own colors and get busy painting and making some of these delightful feeders! I just think this idea is so clever…and you’re recycling, too. I would opt to use just slightly larger cans so the squirrels can get inside and swing…Arrrgh! I even give them corn on the cob to snack on and they still refuse to leave the birdseed alone. Where’s that airgun Carl had??

Afternoon Delight…I can’t think of a nicer way to spend a bright, sunny, wintry late afternoon than wrapping up  and going for a long walk with Holly B. Collie! Then returning as the light begins to fade, to see the house with its smiling windows lit up in the distance, shaking off my Wellies and walking into the living room with a fire lit in the fireplace. Adding a few more logs to get the flame roaring…I decide between hot tea and a nice glass of red wine…well wine is very good for you!

On the rise…While out walking, the bread I had mixed earlier was sitting in an old yellowware bowl on the hearth covered with a linen dishcloth, slowly rising in the warmth of the log fire. Usually I prefer to make wholegrain bread but today I decided to fall back on an old recipe for French bread that for years I made once a week. The fun part was the first rise and then braiding while mixing butter into each braid…ah, the fragrance and tenderness of the loaf as I pulled apart warm pieces…With a bit of cheese and a glass of hearty red wine…heaven!

It may be cold outside…but you can warm yourself up with a bit of digging in the garden, preparing a new vegetable and herb area or possibly adding more garden planting beds. It’s good to prepare a bed ready for spring planting when there’s not much else to do…but do not dig if the soil is waterlogged. Backbreaking, messy work it would be and it doesn’t do the soil any good either. You’ll end up damaging the structure of the soil. Just pick a nice sunny, dry day and get on with the planning prep…if you don’t already have one, think about starting an asparagus bed. Also a good time to turn over the compost pile and watch it steam…if it doesn’t, speed up the process by adding some molasses or sugar or cottonseed meal to get those microbes feeding and burning up material!

FullSizeRender(1)Blooming in my yard right now

Daphne to the left…small, extremely fragrant blooms on an evergreen shrub I usually keep in a terra cotta pot…

Winter/White honeysuckle has grown to over 6′ tall in my garden from just a tiny one gallon plant.

Both are delightfully fragrant and catches you off guard… wondering as you walk by just what that delightful scent might be coming from, given the cold winter weather…

Something bold, useful, shiny and bright for the garden…using and old sunlamp or poultry light base, turn it into this brilliant idea for the garden…a bit of sparkle and whimsy hanging from a tree. Easy to make, lovely to see and if done just right, delightful as a chime, too.

Winter white for the dining table…simple and elegant way to dress your table for a winter’s evening dinner party. Another possibility, if you prefer color, is using blooming rosemary and few berries from evergreens to add color to your table…

I’ve been remiss in writing for the last few weeks…my promise to myself is to do better this year. From Holly and me…warm wishes and many hugs in hopes you will stay cozy and warm…even if you are in Florida!! So go bake some bread!!


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