The magic and the romance of HOME!bench

In an era of faster is better and technology rules…it seems more important than ever to maintain simple pleasures and romance in our homes, gardens and lives.

That romantic look…feel of romance…romance in the air…the Romantic look is about what affects you or resonates with you, not a current trend…A home where you feel warmth, feel comfort, and where you can enjoy being with friends or just being alone. A home to sink into, relax and enjoy just being!

Create a romantic look or feel…with an abundance of fresh flower bouquets around the home…scented candles…collections-things that have meaning and give you a memory reminder every time you see them…a wood fire in the fireplace…French doors that open unto a lush garden patio or porch filled with pots of fragrant blooms…open windows with breezy curtains grazing wide plank floors…the sparkle of crystal and silver pieces…huge stacks of books everywhere…tables topped with black & white family photographs framed in silver…ceiling fans set on slow…faded florals…a window seat with a fluffy down cushion…old quilts, stacked or hanging on the wall…a huge clawfoot tub to settle into for a soak in front of a window to the garden…enchanting and appealing to all the senses.

Romance is in the air…the “nature of romance…a garden filled with old roses, herbs and abundant perennials…lilacs, hydrangeas and peonies…an arbor holding a canopy of roses and clematis…a white picket fence fronted by heavenly blue hydrangeas…lemon trees thriving in huge terracotta pots…a front porch filled with comfortable furniture and a swing, of course…sunrise, sunset, moonlight, and spring rains!

A typical southern front porch…but I think it needs some colorful pillows and rocker cushions for a more comfy look and romantic feel…What would you like to add?

Great front porch, complete with swing and rocking chairs.

adirondack swing on a porch .....     ....simple and sweet

A bit more casual or rustic porch swing, still needs a nice fluffy cushion and pillows…

A bit country…but isn’t that what old porch swings come from?

Steer clear of the banal…head toward vintage, the novel…allow flamboyant nature to add the final touches…

LUNCH ON THE PORCH…Relax amid glorious color and fragrance, holding a citron presse’…waiting for a fresh from the oven goat cheese tart, asparagus, and salad greens…just picked strawberries and cream with lavender shortbread…enjoy the spirit and romance of the good life…and a charm that never wanes.

Get Ready, gardentime to get started…trimming, cleaning up, planting onion & potato sets…starting a new compost pile…ordering some more roses from Antique Rose Emporium…mainly to grow in pots….adding some solar lights along the path…and so much more!

Till next time…

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