Savor the warmth of the season…add creative touches using treasures collected from nature walks. The color richness of topaz, gold, burnt orange and coffee…even common objects become things of beauty when gathered together in a still-life vignette.

CORNUCOPIA…carve/hollow out a pumpkin to use as a holder for leaves, branches, berries, tiny apples and such…GLASS ACT…fill a glass compote or hurricane with mini gourds and leaves for a simple buffet accent…CIRCULAR AWE…many years ago I made door wreaths from branches twisted round and covered in small pine cones and  nuts of the season…walnuts, acorns, almond and so on…BOXED SEASONAL SURPRISE…fill a window box or antique crate with colorful fall items, place by the front door as a warm welcome.

..A gathering of fall finds...

IMG_0506WINE SPECTATOR STUDY…Alcohol May Protect Against Dementia and Alzheimer’s!

     I knew it! All along I knew it…WHAT, that there was such a good reason to have a glass of wine every evening as I relax while watching the news or reading.The study shows that daily consumption of alcohol reduces the risk by nearly 30% compared to non-drinkers. AND, the risk is ANOTHER 30% lower for people who drink one to two “servings” per day! So, there you go!!

What to have for dinner????

Today I’m making Pasta with chicken, rosemary and Parmesan…just cook your pasta of choice, I use penne, and save a cup of the cooking water.  You’ll need cooked chicken breasts, 2-3 cups shredded. In a saucepan add the pasta water, rosemary, 1/2 cup Parmesan, some salt and pepper and a knob of butter. Stir over LOW heat until sauce has thickened slightly. serve over pasta and sprinkle with more Parm! This is a great dish to have with the wine pictured left!

photo(67)Something so simple…an apple. One of the many of God’s great creations…imagine, ‘just one a day’ with benefits so plentiful!

I enjoy apples almost everyday throughout the fall season. Crisp, juicy delicious apples…usually raw with peel, and please, always choose organic apples because they are not sprayed with potentially harmful chemicals and pesticides!  There are many ways to enjoy apples from juice to baking.

During our French Cooking lessons, we taught our students how to make an incredibly simple, but elegant and exquisite dessert…a classic Tarte Tartin, the famous FRENCH apple tart. I made a tiny one last night with walnuts and ate the whole thing for dinner!!

3 section compost pile
3 section compost pile

The sound of one leaf falling…

A REMINDER…this is a great time to start a compost pile or just gather up your leaves to breakdown for later use!! ‘Course, since I live in the woods my ‘simple’ pile of leaves is humungous and never-ending…I have several of the 3 section piles working all year round and keep adding more leaves as they breakdown. I usually spray the leaves with liquid molasses to help speed up the process. Do not bag leaves and put out for curbside pick-up! DRIVES me nuts!


RAINBARRELS…while the weather is still nice and cool, set up more rainbarrels…Catch all the marvelous water that falls so well during the fall to winter seasons. Use it to water containers!

Every autumn I say the same thing…BEST TIME OF THE YEAR TO PLANT!! Get busy, there’s still time! Plant perennials, trees, bulbs, NOW!

Late afternoon sun is now behind the trees, dusk and the deer are strolling out of the woods towards their molasses corn for dinner, wind rustles in the tall canopy, leaves drift and twirl to the ground…

NOW, as I wrap a warm paisley shawl around my shoulders and walk through the garden at dusk…with my glass of wine…I still find several more projects that move to the top of my Do NOW list!


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