porch & chair_A change in season…it has happened, finally! AND, this change offers the perfect opportunity to  rejuvenate your home, your garden and yourself!

In your home, celebrate with stylish accents, with fall themes and colors…on the porch, with warm colors in rusty reds and sable, and autumn textures of leaves, nuts and berries…a paisley shawl to wrap around your shoulders as the late afternoon shadows cool the air, chrysanthemums and pansies and snapdragons add rich color and scents to the porch and garden…

In your garden…introduce new elements with textures and colors for fall through winter interest. I add evergreen Autumn Ferns to areas that need the cover, texture, and rich mossy green color…

For yourself…the Splendor of the Season awaits…scarves still trend, leather, and yes, patchwork… really…patchwork of all kinds…eye-catching details and great accessories help build a new look to work with existing closet finds. Oh, wait…your health, not fashion! Try a new body cleanse, change shampoos to a better quality…I prefer organic brands without sulfates, parabens, petroleum, propylene glycol or any artificial colors!

FOR INSIDE…Start making healthy vegetable soup for dinner. With less “sweating activity”… soup is a much lighter choice while still providing great nourishment and fiber! That sweet potato bread I made last week…lots of great fiber and nutrition with very little sugar. Butternut squash, and pumpkin, along with all kinds of root vegetables…sweet potatoes, turnips, carrots of all colors, Yukon Gold potatoes, parsnips, whole cloves of garlic…all make a healthy and tasty  roasted root vegetable dish for holidays. Just pick your vegetables, wash them, place in shallow baking dish, sprinkle with olive oil, plenty of coarse salt, cracked pepper and a handful of chopped fresh herbs:thyme, rosemary, maybe some sage?? Roast in a 350 oven till browned and caramelized…

      4c213728-1902-4593-a01d-438c89d7c07a      GARDEN NOTES…4fab4fe3-d4b8-40c6-8f3e-fad1e38894ba

      *Saffron crocus and the saffron harvested from the blooms…you should be picking the tiny treasure now or soon, depending on weather…oh, wait…you did plant the bulbs last August, right??

       * Plant spring blooming bubs when days and nights are really consistently cool…if you do not have time now…don’t worry, buy now and plant when you can. I’ve actually planted daffodil bulbs in early January in past seasons…

70ae4e7e-e037-4a1a-88e1-28d818869d75*Harvest the scarlet blooms from pineapple sage, dry on paper towels and save for baking and flavoring fruits…photo(30)

*Pick late fruits and begin making pear preserves, apple and lavender jelly

71061bce-bccf-4416-abc3-c50e687ef8a3*Plant pansies and violas now. Combine compost and rock phosphate and mix into the soil as you plant, how could you not love that little face??





*Leaf raking for composting or making leaf mould…DO NOT BAG AND PUT IN TRASH! I find the time spent raking leaves is good…I can think, while getting some exercise…I can dream about changes I would like to make…I can evaluate the reasons for having trees…oh, joking!

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it…”


f666888a-b6e6-498a-99d3-c211ac78e860Hollie thinks her new rusty red mums look great on the porch and go well with her coat! 




                                            I’m ready for a glass of wine and some of the vegetable soup that’s been simmering on the stove this afternoon…

Au revoir jusqu’ a la prochaine fois…









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