The Spirit and sparkle of Christmas...

Here we are as in olden days, happy golden days of yore…

As a child it was always my dream to wake up to a white Christmas…the winter wonderland of the Johnny Mathis song…or the White Christmas movie. On those rare Christmas mornings when the dream came true, I was filled with absolute joy…there was oatmeal to cook and eat before bundling up to then drag our sleds up to the top of the hill by the pond. Trudging through the knee-high snow we finally reached the top only to hop on the sled and go soaring back down the hill…sometimes feet first and others, on my stomach, face-forward with the snow whizzing past, inches beneath my chin. The more runs downhill, the slicker and faster the track became until I knew I was almost flying over the icy packed snow…often landing in a snowbank at the bottom of the hill. Thinking back to such simple fun…outside all day, not worried about the cold…never got sick, just lost a glove or sometimes the knitted hat with the bobble knot on top that Grandmother made me for Christmas. Snow or the cold did not stop me from being outside…then or now!

Winter Walks, Great Reads, Family Traditions…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…a crisp, cold day, my cheeks are glowing from this morning’s snowy winter walk…pulling off my coat, woolen scarf and hat knowing there is a pot of hot vegetable soup and a good log fire waiting insideI’ve gathered bunches of holly, fir and pine to display around the house, filling the air with their distinctive scents; the aroma of spices and citrus will sweeten the air with pomander balls, spicy gingerbread and buttery confections, orange and lavender laced madelines all help to capture the essence of the season.

All is calm, all is bright…candles and lanterns and luminarias for the porch and walkways. Capture the spirit of the season…hang a fresh evergreen wreath on the front door, add festive garlands around the door and along the porch railing all brought to life with tiny white flickering lights

How do we escape the hustle and bustle of the holiday season…create a cozy retreat, furnished with favorite furniture finds, vintage florals, scented candles and plush cashmere shawls, a spot for relaxing filled with warmth and charm. Such a place is one I love, for sipping wine and reading in my soft leather wing chair by the fireplace. photo(94)

Discover the pleasures of a home full of comfort and joy…I live with wonderful antiques and precious collections…accoutrements…oh, I love that word…and enjoy sharing these and the memories of Christmas and years past with family and friends…for all of my cherished collectibles have a story to tell.

Create a beautiful holiday mantel…place decorative objects in front of a mirror [propped, not hung] for reflection and shimmer, tuck candles into old crystal liqueur glasses, add some fresh white flower blooms such as camellia, dwarf cyclamen, roses and orchids, for some extra sparkle…mercury glass candlesticks, crystal or silver bowls of evergreen sprigs…a generous length of garland

Sitting down to an array of home-cooked favorites, we celebrate the tastes and smells of the season…a lovely tablescape with antique French flutes for Champagne or Prosecco, creamware pitchers filled with white or red roses and snippets of rosemary, classic elegance of heirloom unmatched china…


So much more next week, please come back to visit…

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