Tuesday  5.11.1999…Another…and our last, breakfast in Paris…even the gray and rainy morning is sad about our leaving!

Something to laugh about is what we need…off to the Pharmacy for Jeanine’s “torpedoes” and a special toothbrush I saw in the window the night before. The colorful and rather futuristic toothbrush stands on the bathroom counter…it has a handle that spreads and looks like a rocket ship ready for takeoff! My grandchildren would love these…

On the way we stopped at the Boulangerie for fresh bread…we found some wheat grain with nuts and raisins and apricots…spread some creme’ fraiche and…I gain another pound!  We take the Metro and then stop for a visit to the Musee’ d’Orsay. It’s early and already a que has formed so we went into the museum library, purchased a book for my sister, then toured a few exhibits…mainly enjoyed the building and structural/historical aspects of the museum…

Our first bus ride in Paris took us to the Galerie La Fayette…this is a remarkable place…

…everything you could ever need, you’ll find here…well, maybe not a car but you don’t really need one of those in Paris! We first went to the guest station and registered to shop…our gift was a stylish black logo shopping bag. NICE! Jeanine had been describing the market in the basement for weeks before we left on our trip so naturally we went there first…Descending on the escalator…I was consumed with absolute joy! Fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and so on…all BIOLIGIC [organic] were everywhere. I felt like the the village Mayor overwhelmed with sweets in the window of “CHOCOLAT”.

For lunch, we went to the gourmet prepared food section and chose tasting portions from vegetables saute’, poule and…oh, just too much to list..! Food was displayed so beautifully and artistically one wanted to try everything…and it tasted even better! A young man was putting out fingerling potatoes in a bin as a promotion for the farm growing this specialty item…posters were up announcing the event…and I wanted one. Jeanine was able to coax a young chef from the kitchen to give me one of the posters to take home.

Found the SANTONS in a huge gift area of the store and just had to give them a home…mine! The Santons shown below are just two that I have…each is handmade from original old styles and usually represent typical dress…using Provencal fabric…and chores to be done on a farm found in south of France…the ladies shown are collecting garlic and harvesting lavender…

Bars of chocolate…stacks and stacks of chocolate…all perfect for our baking classes and then very difficult to find…so we add these to our shopping bags…a baguette bag made of burlap for keeping bread fresh, a covered butter dish, a cookbook and also a book on roses and by then…time to return to the hotel to pack before dinner…of course that did not keep us from quickly stopping again at LADUREE for an afternoon treat…along with some candied violets for cupcake toppings.

Once again back at the hotel, suitcases packed and ready to load into our taxi, we enjoy a pastis before dinner and spend time talking and laughing about all we had seen and done on our trip…all the people we had met, the stories and history and art and the joy of being together in a place we both love beyond all reason!

Jeanine and I have experienced so much together…we are sisters now and always will be. We share our lives through calls and visits and facebook…I always love the sound of her voice when I hear her “HALLO…” said the French way along with her attempt at a Texas accent. Carl loved Jeanine and we both miss him so!

We visit when we can and are planning another trip to Provence next year…but, we will always have our time together in FRANCE!

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