Cleaning and caring for your home is very simple and much healthier when using alternatives to chemical and antibacterial toxic mixtures being “sold” for home use today.

By using very few ingredients and materials, cleaning your home becomes easier, safer and much less expensive. Some of these magical, very effective alternatives are a part of the skills passed down from one generation to another.

For most housekeeping tasks, only two products are required…baking soda and white distilled vinegar! For other special cleaning jobs I add lemons and their juice, borax, beeswax, hydrogen peroxide, olive oil and essential herbal oils…especially lavender oil and tea tree oil.

I remember Grandmother washing down the wood floor in the kitchen with her homemade soap suffused with the aroma of fresh herbs…usually lavender or rosemary. She made her own dust cloths using the oil from lemon peel, washed clothes with her own homemade soap, cleaned windows with vinegar and muslin rags…no harsh synthetic chemical materials were used. AND, she grew her own produce organically, raised cows for milk, cream and making butter, raised chickens for eggs and meat, pigs for many uses, and made all the clothes and bedding for the family while raising 8 very healthy children on a huge working farm…and, the only thing she ever drove was a tractor!

Now I am fully aware that many young people today would find this type of housekeeping very time-consuming since it would be much easier to pick up a spray bottle and packages of meat and vegetables at the market. But, I love to take care of my home, even while working full-time.

At this point in my life, it is a joy to walk around my home, seeing my collections, reliving the memories of certain photos…touching objects…thinking of when I found that match striker in a PARIS antique shop or the pieces of Blue & White china collected traveling over 40 years, the stacks of marvelous books, the old silver box from a FRENCH client whose home I completely designed & furnished while living in Los Angeles, the patina of several old lap desks, flowers from my garden in crystal glasses, the oil painting of lavender fields he did for my birthday, Carl’s flag… so many things that still bring me a sigh and a smile.


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