It is the end of July and  I reflect back on this month, so much has happened to keep me from writing.

My husband of 27 years suddenly passed away June 27th. Had gall bladder surgery, came home a few days later…starting coughing in the afternoon, couldn’t get a breath…I called the Rescue Squad and they took him to the ER…but the Doctor could not save him. It was a pulmonary embolism, blood clot in his lung that went to his heart…and he was gone.

You never think about all that must be done , the papers to fill out and file, the people to contact, the service to plan and so on. Then, as I looked around the house that first night after everyone had gone home…I realized just how much there really was to do. So I did!

Now I’ve taken time and have been working outside for past few days days…it gives me a certain peace to see new blooms, butterflies floating about the phlox, birds at the feeders, hummingbirds in aerial combat over the nectar, fawns scampering through the back woods and a smattering of weeds to pull. We’ve had plenty of rainfall and the garden has responded with abundant growth and blossoms…all that nitrogen-rich rain! Life and living continues…

Inside, well…I must admit I’ve been making some changes…I just had to knowing he had actually died in our bedroom. On July 4th I spent the day painting my bedroom walls and ceiling a cheerful shade of  yellow gold…it has made the room much happier and brighter. I washed the furniture with lavender water and used sage sticks to smudge the bedroom and bath. Then, a new bed, organic cotton linens and Provencal quilt bed cover in a very pale shade of lavender…make it a fresh lovely room to wake up to every morning.

All the rugs went out to be cleaned and I scrubbed the pine floors with lavender water, re-arranged the furniture, put out several new soy/lavender candles and gathered some blooms from the garden…everything is refreshed, fragrant and ready for an evening birthday celebration with my best pals. So fortunate to have such good friends to help me through it all.

My Border Collies still go to the front door and look out to see if he’s coming back…they stay by my side constantly…

More later…

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